Asian Carp

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Introduction to Copi

Four species of fish, known as Asian carp or Copi, have become a major concern for states along the Mississippi River. By outcompeting natives and altering habitat, these fish have become an invasive species. Eliminating the fish may seem like a straightforward solution, however, the reality is often much more complex than it appears. Copi are what can be considered a wicked problem, or a problem that lacks a clear-cut solution. In order to solve this issue, the social, economic, and technological feasibility must be taken into consideration. 

The goal of these modules is to introduce you to what Copi are and how we are working to solve the problems they create. The content for this unit has been developed from online sources as well The Library of Congress. 

You may utilize the Copi vocabulary page to familiarize yourself with the terminology used in the following modules.