The 1937 Flood

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Picture of 1973 Flood

The 1937 Flood

Create a museum display for the 1937 Flood that exhibits students’ abilities to integrate information from diverse formats and cite evidence to support their claims.

Using the materials posted below, students can identify notable evidence excerpted from oral histories archived at Shawnee Community College and make connections to an image bank of photographs from the Library of Congress. 

Sample of Student Response and Museum Display 

This is an image of a possible student response for this exercise. Underlined from the oral history is the sentence, “Small children stayed in tents. People that didn’t have kids also stayed in tents. It was a big place with over a thousand people.” The student connects this to an image with several tents in the background and a muddy road in the foreground and states, “The text says ‘over a thousand people” living in tents.’ This photo shows what a camp this size would have looked like.”     Image of Local Flood Display

Teaching Resources  

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